About Lucid Studio

Lucid Studio is based on the principle of its title.

Lucid is defined as articulate, clear, logical, and well-structured. Its founders, having a combined 25 years of experience in the design/build profession, have pledged to create a company that is not only all inclusive in the scope of work required to usher a project from inception to conclusion, but to do so in a Lucid manner. Combining modern and distinctive design with professional project management and years of experience, Lucid Studio can be an integral element of any design/build project at all phases.


Additionally, Lucid Studio is about designing and constructing responsible, efficient and clean structures. Modern, by our definition, means designing and building structures that are to be lived and worked in, to facilitate a relationship between user and structure that is healthy and dynamic. Specifically, this means making spaces that have functionality, because the best way to be "green" is by constructing things not only with responsibility in regards to the world we live in, but also by making them spaces worth living in and maintaining.

think of a time that you won’t take the breath from
somebody else
one where your’re seeking more than yourself.
— Chris Cornell